The Battle that Saved Washington: The Battle of Monocacy

Civil War Defenses of Washington


The Civil War Defenses of Washington partnered with our colleagues at Monocacy National Battlefield to create a video detailing the Battle of Monocacy fought on July 9, 1864. The engagement occurred a mere 40-miles northwest of Washington D.C.

Union Major General Lew Wallace's epic stand on the banks of the Monocacy River delayed the Confederate Army of the Valley District by one day, providing critical time for the Federal high command in Washington to prepare the defense of the city, and for General Ulysses S. Grant to send veterans troops from Virginia to reinforce the beleaguered capital.

The special program will answer these questions:

What brought the Confederate Army of the Valley District under General Jubal A. Early to Maryland? How did General Wallace plan his defense? How did the Early's forces break the Union line, win the battle, and advance toward Washington? What was the atmosphere in Washington during the battle?

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19 minutes, 16 seconds


S. Phan/M. Borders

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