Hornbek Homestead Virtual Tour

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And we're back and again this is the original 1878 homestead home of Adeline Hornbek

Now, it has been, if you look on the bottom it's been put on a concrete foundation and

the local rocks plugged into that as the original wood foundation was rotting out

from the high water table swell in the winter time back in the 70s when this was done

and then the square box building on the left is the pump house as you'll see inside the pumps

where we are stepping into now is Adeline's bedroom that she shared with her daughter

and then the three boys are upstairs in their own separate bedrooms

the pictures you see on the wall now, that's Adeline Hornbek

We don't necessarily know when that picture was taken, what age she was at the time,

but I'd say guessing you know she's in her 30s 40s

and we just got that picture on the wall that's actually her first son Frank Harker

Again this is the bedroom and where were going to step off to next is the parlor

We have a couple of windows in the parlor on that side

and the old wood stove, the Beckwith stove

and then on this western wall we have a period newspaper actually from 1878 the year this place was built

and it's pretty neat reading some of the adds in that

so we are going to step up through this doorway and that takes you into the kitchen

pretty large kitchen almost a eat-in type kitchen you might say and the front door of the place

eat-in kitchen to include pantry pretty large pantry for back in 1878

where you can have your dry goods

and then panning over to...which is closed... the stairwell that goes up to the boys three bedrooms

and I hope this isn't too dark but you can kind of see why we keep that closed

they're not necessarily stairs but more like a ladder to save space I would guess back in the day

and then we the Majestic stove in here in the kitchen also

panning back over into the pump room the last room, again added on in 1909

and then there's the pump, not active,

and then a nice little access panel on the floor that would get you access to the crawlspace underneath the home

heading back out to the front door and this will be the exit to the tour

and again, down south the Visitor Center

what I like to show folks on this side is,

that's actually a 3 walled structure that pump house

they have pine stanchions with some cable wrapped in and that's what holds the three walled structure together

and then they have a nailing in adjacent to the original building pretty neat engineering

and you can tell here not adze-honed logs, these are all hand done logs back in the day

this is called Eastern dovetail notching and you can see how well built it is

still standing built in 1878.


Join Ranger Ray for a virtual tour of the 1878 Hornbek Homestead. You'll visit the main bedroom, parlor, kitchen, and well house on the first floor.


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