Moving the longboat

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park


In April 2015 the crew moved a longboat from Hyde Street Pier back onto Balclutha. Chris Jannini, Supervisory Marine Carpenter, took these photos.

The boat being moved is one of two replica longboats built by Ray Speck for the park over 25 years ago. The two boats have been maintained in place on Balclutha since then but some small sections of the gunwales had developed rot so both were removed two years ago for rehabilitation by Small Boat Shop crew and volunteers.

Most vessels similar to Balclutha carried two or more boats of this type. They were used for transporting men and materials when in harbor and could also be used under oars to tow the ship if necessary.

The ship capstans and traditional block and tackle were used to place the longboat back on her skids amidships. The process took about two hours.


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