Metal Caster Marjee-Anne Levine introducing

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site


Hi. My name is Marjee Levine and I teach foundry and iron casting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. At MassArt, we have a nationally renowned Iron Casting program. We pour about 6,000 pounds of iron each year, all from recycled scraps such as radiators and bathtubs. The students create their own patterns and molds, pour all of the metal themselves, as well as help build and maintain the equipment itself.

We’ve teamed up with Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site for an online exhibition of contemporary cast iron sculpture. In addition to being able to view their work in the gallery, you’ll also have an opportunity to see/to hear from each individual artist in a video on this platform describing their work, their practice, what drew them to this crazy process, and how that may have affected them personally.

The title of the exhibition is “I Cast Iron Because...” and you’ll see in the objects themselves and hear in the words of the makers, the answer to that question is extremely diverse and deeply personal.

As for me, I consider myself a modern day alchemist and I cast iron because I find harmony in volatility.


Watch this video to learn about our collaborative project with iron casting students. Then, click on the image below to visit the on-line gallery.


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