Allegheny Woodrat

New River Gorge National Park & Preserve


This is a juvenile male Allegheny Wood Rat. He has an ear tag; recaptured from the previous day. A fairly docile animal; if you don’t provoke them too much they won’t bite. You can see the ear tag in this ear right here; left ear; number one, number 649. A few flees. He’s like I said, a juvenile. We determine age class primarily by color and weight. However you can look at reproductive status as well and know whether it’s a juvenile. A very interesting animal. Fairly rare in the state and extinct in several portions of its range; New York and portions of Pennsylvania they’ve already lost populations; New Jersey; Indiana. A very unique animal. It differs from Norway rats by very long whiskers, long but blunt nose, hairy tail, and behavior. A Norway rat is a fairly aggressive animal – if it’s handled it will bite, whereas this animal is fairly docile, as I said before unless it’s greatly provoked it will not bite.


Join a park biologist to learn about the rare Allegheny Woodrat.


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