Explore the Gorge: Grandview

New River Gorge National River

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Welcome to Grandview, one of the many beautiful sites of the New River Gorge National River. Grandview is one of the most popular day use areas of the park with access to hiking trails, picnic shelters, and even a playground for the kids. This visitor center is open Memorial Day through Labor Day to answer any questions you may have. Many people still remember when this area was Grandview State Park, but it has been a part of the New River Gorge National River since 1990.

Here at the main overlook, you are 1400 feet above the river and you can see seven miles of the New River from this one spot alone! This stretch of the river, called Horseshoe Bend, is popular among fisherman and family rafting trips looking for a little adventure. You can also see the town of Quinnimont where coal was first shipped out of the gorge in 1873. And you can still watch trains travel the lines that were once laid for the historic C&O railroad.

On the cliffs of the gorge, and in some of the parking lots, you can see the beautiful Catawba rhododendron whose pink flowers bloom around May of each year. This southern species is at the northern end of its range and was carried here by the north flowing New River. You can also see the Great rhododendron whose white flowers bloom a little later in early July.

If you’re up for a hike, choose one of the many trails including the Grandview rim trail. It is 1.6 miles long and ends at the Turkey Spur Overlook, which provides a breathtaking view of a section of the river called Stretcher’s Neck. You can also drive to this overlook, but there are a few flights of stairs to the top. Also keep your eyes out along the way for peregrine falcons, which have been released in the area during a recent reintroduction program.

If you’re here at dusk, make a house call to the bat condo, home to thousands of big and little brown bats each summer. They make a spectacular exit about a half hour before sunset, so come and get your seat early!

With activities for children young and old, visiting Grandview is a great way to spend your day. So come explore and enjoy Grandview, in the New River Gorge National River.


Explore the fantastic views, wildlife, and history of the Grandview area with Park Ranger Renee Hemmelgarn.