House of Horrors

Catoctin Mountain Park


After a few weeks of preliminary training, the student is told report alone to the pistol house, a mysterious structure he has never before entered. In the anteroom, the instructor gives him his problem. A group of enemy saboteurs are active in the neighborhood taking a heavy toll of life and property. The student is to make contact and to maintain it until either he or the enemy is wiped out. Whispering. Alright, here we go now, now watch your step on these stairs. Look out for that corner. That's it. Alright up now. Easy does it. Keep coming. Now, watch yourself down here. Eyes open. That's it. Okay. Down the stairs again. Up on that roof and watch it. Don't lose your footing. Keep coming. That's right. Alright, let's go. Now, keep moving. Look out! Get him! Sound of gun shots. That's it. Good boy! Alright. Down this passage now. Watch your step. That's it. Look out for this corner! Down low. Get your gun out. There. Alright, all clear. Go ahead. Take it easy now. Look out for this. Quiet now. That's it. Okay. Keep your eyes open. Sound of door slamming open and gun shots. That's it. There are more of them around here. Alright, look out for this corner. There we are. There's a door. Alright now, kick the door down and when you do, get him! Sound of kicking the door and gun shots. That's right. Look out for this flooring. It's bad. Don't fall now. Keep moving. Look out for that guy. Keep your eyes open for him. Watch him! He's there someplace. Sound of gun shots. That's right. There are more of them around here, so don't relax. Look around. There's one! Sound of gun shots. Another one! That's right. Sound of gun shots. Alright, quickly now. Magazine in. Test it. Alright, let's go. Sound of gun shots.


Actual footage from OSS training videos produced by John Ford.


4 minutes, 24 seconds


National Archives

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