Memorial Day 2013

Andersonville National Historic Site


Narrator: Over 260 volunteers joined staff at Andersonville National Cemetery this weekend to help place flags in front of headstones. An American Flag is placed in front of headstones to commemorate Memorial Day.

Girl Scout 1: We went to Andersonville to put the flags down on the people’s graves who died for their country.

Girl Scout 2: I feel it’s important because we need to honor those who died for their country and just remember all who died, even if they’re unknown and some people may not realize who they are.

Cub Scout: I’m five, I’m a Tiger Scout. This is my second time.

Narrator: The act of decorating graves at Andersonville National Cemetery for Memorial Day began in 1870. Approximately 20,000 individuals are buried at the national cemetery at Andersonville National Historic Site.


A short video highlighting flag decoration at Andersonville National Cemetery for Memorial Day 2013.


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