Zion Junior Ranger Pledge

Zion National Park


Hi Junior Rangers, my name is Ranger Andi and you're joining me here today in Zion National Park where you'll see behind me cottonwood trees, and beautiful red cliffs. You're joining me today because you have completed your Junior Ranger activity book and you have earned your very own Zion Junior Ranger badge. So if you're ready please stand up and raise your right hand and we'll do the pledge together. Just repeat after me I am proud to be a Zion Junior Ranger. I promise to protect and take care of Zion National Park and all national parks. I also promise to take care of the natural places around the world. Congratulations! You're now an official Junior Ranger at Zion National Park. Good job!


Have you completed your Zion Junior Ranger booklet? You can take the Junior Ranger pledge along with Ranger Andi!


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