They Have Fallen

Andersonville National Historic Site


Sacred to the Memory of the thousands of our brave soldiers

Who have sacrificed themselves upon the altar of their country,

In defense of her laws and institutions; Her liberties and rights.

With the courage and ardor of Patriots; With the enthusiasm of loyal subjects under a good government;

With the intelligence and zeal of Union-Loving citizens,

And an unselfish devotion to the lofty principles of truth and justice, And an eye upon the basis of a lasting peace,

They went forth pledging their lives and their sacred honor In maintenance of the glorious cause.

Many have languished in prisons, and thus sleep the noble youth of our country;

The pride of the land; The heroic sons of our worthy sires, And the honored brave of our Spartan like mothers.

They have fallen. Like Autumn leaves at touch of frost, They have been swept to the earth where they lie in undistinguished piles.

The hearts of the people shall be their tombs,

But marble and granite should be lifted high,

As the testimonial of grateful mankind for the deeds they have done,

And the radiant glory with which they have crowned the nation.


A short film based on a poem by Andersonville Prisoner Robert H. Kellogg


2 minutes, 3 seconds


NPS/ C. Barr

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