Comanche National Grassland

Santa Fe National Historic Trail


Almost half a million acres. Canyons, rivers and prairie, abundant with life. A land of natural wonders brimming with tales from the past. Over a thousand dinosaur tracks, 40 miles of wagon ruts and pioneer homesteads from the Santa Fe Trail. Part museum, part playground, all built by nature, preserved by those who love it.

Dusten Bradburn SE Colorado Resident This is where I spent most of my childhood growing up, just hiking, swimming, just everything. This is one of the best places to come.

Where prehistoric sea beds defined an area from just south of La Junta all the way to the Southeastern Colorado border, where the remains of abandoned homesteads testify to the crippling drought of the Dust Bowl era, and where public efforts have transformed the land again into a place of conservation and recreation.

Dusten Bradburn Going up along the cliff sides you can find a lot of pictographs and just old cave paintings that have been here since who knows when. This is an area that can be damaged so easily. We try to pick it up and keep this as nice as it was when we found it.

Here we connect with the secret marvels of nature and history right in our backyard.

Dusten Bradburn This, to me, is the perfect area. I lived for the canyons, I love this.

Comanche National Grassland. Experience it for yourself.

Dusten Bradburn You’ll never know it’s here until you come.


The grassland has many stories to tell, from dinosaurs roaming the ancient shoreline of a vast lake 150 million years ago to Mexican and American traders traveling the Santa Fe National Historic Trail 150 years ago.


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