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Haleakalā National Park

The proposal for cabins in Haleakalā Crater was part of the 1935 master plan for the development of the Haleakalā Section of Hawai'i National Park. In 1936, a standard “Haleakalā Shelter Cabin” plan was developed showcasing the NPS rustic style of design that blended structures into the natural environment. It wasn’t until 1937 that the cabins were built by contracted carpenters with Civilian Conservation Corps workers bringing in the materials using mules and horses, as well as hauling supplies on their back. Today, the Hōlua, Kapalaoa and Palikū Cabins are still being used as originally intended which is to provide accommodation to visitors hiking in the crater. Haleakalā Crater was designated as wilderness in 1964. The Hōlua and Palikū wilderness campgrounds were developed in the 1970s.

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