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Cape Cod National Seashore Reflections

Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod is the world’s largest glacial peninsula and the longest uninterrupted sandy shoreline on the East Coast, with distinct ecosystem types supporting diverse habitats and species, which have, and will continue to be affected by natural and human-caused change. Its geographic location at the edge of the continent, on the Atlantic Ocean, has profoundly influenced human activity--from cultural land use, settlement, and exploration to transportation, industry, communication, and tourism. For centuries, Outer Cape Cod has served as both a haven and subject for writers and artists, playing a key role in the historic development of art and literature in America, while also inspiring creative response in the development of architecture and tools. We invite you to explore the park's many moods, which change with the season, and its stories about people, to create your own personal connection with this special place.