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Summers at Manzanar are extremely hot. Temperatures frequently exceed 100° Fahrenheit. Strong winds are also common, especially in the spring. Remember to always wear sunscreen and a hat and to drink plenty of water when visiting the site.


Winter at Manzanar is fairly mild although an occasional snowfall is not uncommon. Snow stays on the ground only a few days of the year. However, winds often make it feel colder so you should wear a warm jacket while touring the site.


Manzanar is at 3870' and fairly flat and easy to explore on foot, but there are some physical hazards. The dirt can be soft and there are numerous tripping hazards such as tree roots and old wire. There is also broken glass throughout the site. Please wear appropriate footwear (closed-toe shoes are most comfortable) when exploring the site.

Last updated: November 17, 2015

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