Collections in the National Archives for Black Women's History

The National Archives for Black Women's History (NABWH) of the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site (MAMC) is the only Archive solely dedicated to the history of African American women. The core of the collection is the historic corporate records of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), along with personal papers, and corporate records of organizations mostly associated with the NCNW. These records provide a detailed record of 60 years of the development and operations of this renowned civil rights organization.
The value of an archive is the totality of the information it contains, not necessarily in the special "gems" of correspondence from famous people or particular documents. More important are the questions a researcher can ask of the archive. This archive tells the story of the often undervalued and overlooked civil rights work conducted "under the radar" and within the system. It tells a story of leadership, collaboration, coordination, and perseverance to make progress in civil rights for all people. It tells the story of the triumphs and difficulties of the work of these remarkable women.
Researchers have access to the archives in a dedicated area at the Museum Resource Center in Landover, Maryland. Researchers should submit a request to the Archivist detailing their research project. Researchers, please allow enough lead-time to study the finding aids and develop a research plan, and for the Archivist to evaluate the request and schedule a research visit. Research slots are often booked weeks in advance, and we can support one researcher at a time.
Collection Number Collection Title
List of Collections in the NABWH
NABWH_001 National Council of Negro Women, Inc. Records
NABWH_002 Englewood, NJ School Board Controversy Records
NABWH_003 National Committee on Household Employment Records
NABWH_004 Mabel Keaton Staupers Papers
NABWH_005 Dovey Johnson Roundtree Papers
NABWH_006 Polly Spiegel Cowan Papers
NABWH_007 Euphemia Lofton Haynes Papers
NABWH_008 Susie Green Papers
NABWH_009 Black Adults of Action Section of the NCNW Records
NABWH_010 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Xi Omega Chapter Records
NABWH_011 Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. Records
NABWH_012 Jennie Austin Fletcher Papers
NABWH_013 Elsie Austin Papers
NABWH_014 Mame Mason Higgins Papers
NABWH_015 Miriam Higgins Thomas Papers
NABWH_016 Alice Thomas Collection on the Nashville Section of the NCNW
NABWH_017 Mary E. C. Gregory Papers
NABWH_018 National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designers, Inc. Records [NAFAD]
NABWH_019 Jeanne Donaldson Dago Papers
NABWH_020 Moton Family Freedom Papers
NABWH_021 Mildred Bell Johnson Papers
NABWH_022 Malkia Roberts Papers
NABWH_023 Dorothy Parker Koger Papers
NABWH_024 Caroline Ware Collection on Pauli Murray
NABWH_025 National Alliance of Black Feminists Records
NABWH_026 Frances Mary Beal Papers
NABWH_027 Lois Mailou Jones Papers
NABWH_028 Edmonia White Davidson Papers
NABWH_029 Daisy Lampkin Papers
NABWH_030 Eloise B. Johnson Papers
NABWH_031 Ethel Heywood Smith Papers
NABWH_032 Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Records
NABWH_033 Ladies Auxiliary, Knights of Peter Claver Historical Annal Records
NABWH_034 Annie M. Turnbo Malone Papers
NABWH_035 Carolyn McClester Thomas Papers
NABWH_036 Jeanetta Welch Brown Papers
NABWH_037 Gurthalee Clark Papers
NABWH_038 Martha Settle Putney Collection on the Women's Army Corps (WAAC, WAC)
NABWH_039 Black Women in Sisterhood for Action Records
NABWH_040 Faith Ringgold Papers
NABWH_041 Anna Margaret Austin Haywood Papers
NABWH_042 Prudence Burns Burrell Collection on the Army Nurses Corps (ANC)
NABWH_043 The Holidays, Incorporated Records
NABWH_044 Prince George's County, MD Section of the NCNW
NABWH_045 Josephine Humbles Kyles Papers
NABWH_046 Scott Kirkpatrick Papers
NABWH_047 Gloria Dickinson Papers
NABWH_048 Lucia Rapley Papers
NABWH_049 Madeline Mabray Kountze Dugger Garnett Kelley Papers
NABWH_050 Maurine Gordon Perkinson Papers
NABWH_051 Dorothy Irene Height Papers
NABWH_052 Barber-Scotia College Memorabilia
NABWH_053 Ophelia T. Pinkard Papers
NABWH_054 Madam C. J. Walker Papers
NABWH_055 Bethune Museum and Archives, Inc. Records
NABWH_056 Universal National Bank Records
NABWH_057 Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site Records
NABWH_058 Mayme G. Abernathy Papers
NABWH_059 Robert L. Zangrando Papers
NABWH_060 Mary B. Talbert Papers
NABWH_061 Martha Sinton Harper Papers
NABWH_062 Reston-Dulles Chapter of the NCNW
NABWH_063 Birdia Bush Papers
NABWH_064 Maurine G. Perkinson Section of the NCNW
NABWH_065 Ruth Sykes Papers
NABWH_066 Tau Gamma Delta Sorority, Inc., Xi Chapter Records
NABWH_067 Ruth Helen Wilson Washington Letter

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