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Water Safety

  • Always wear a properly fitted, Coast Guard-approved life jacket while boating, swimming, wading, or tubing on the river.
  • Guard against hypothermia by wearing protective clothing when the water is cold. Even in late spring when the air temperature is warm, the water is still frigid. Wear a wetsuit or clothing made of wool or polypropylene.
  • Never canoe or kayak alone. A minimum of two canoes/kayaks is recommended. Stay in view, but keep a safe distance between canoes.
  • If you capsize, keep upstream from the craft. If you must leave your canoe, float with your feet pointed downstream and near the surface, to cushion yourself against large rocks and to prevent a foot or leg from getting caught on submerged branches or between rocks.
  • Carry a throw line and first aid kit with you.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages before or during boating. Alcohol consumption and drug abuse have contributed to drowning.
  • Guard against sunburn with sunscreens and appropriate clothing.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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