Park Planning


The following six management goals were crafted by the Lower Delaware Wild and Scenic River Task Force prior to national designation.

ϑ Water Quality. Maintain existing water quality in the Delaware River and its tributaries from measurably degrading and improve it where practical.
ϑ Natural Resources. Preserve and protect the river's outstanding natural resources, including rare and endangered plant and animal species river islands, steep slopes and buffer areas in the river corridor and along the tributaries.
ϑ Historic Resources. Preserve and protect the character of historic structures, districts and sites, including landscapes, in the river corridor.
ϑ Recreation. Encourage recreational use of the river corridor that has a low environmental and social impact and is compatible with public safety, the protection of Private property and with the preservation of natural and cultural qualities of the river corridor.
ϑ Development. Identify principles for minimizing the adverse impact of development within the river corridor.
ϑ Open Space Preservation. Preserve open space as a means of maximizing the health of the ecosystem, maintaining scenic values, and minimizing the impact of new development in the river corridor.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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