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For thousands of years, the Mississippi River and its tributaries have served as a vital resource for the people of the North American continent in times of war and of peace. From the Civil War battlefields of Pea Ridge and Shiloh, to the majestic waters of the Buffalo and Ozark riverways, to the bustling cities of St. Louis and New Orleans, the Lower Mississippi Delta Region is filled with many of America's most beautiful and historically significant National Parks.

Central to the Lower Mississippi Delta Region is the Lower Mississippi Delta Initiative. This outreach program is intended to bring about the protection, preservation, and interpretation of significant natural, cultural, and recreational resources. Special emphasis is on education activities and the fostering of scholarship. Please browse this website for information on the history and heritage of the Lower Mississippi Delta Region and the Lower Mississippi Delta Initiative.

Big Spring Lodge at Ozark National Riverways


From Civil War battlefields to majestic natural wonders, explore more than a dozen National Parks, Historic Sites, and Recreation Areas.

Hikers along the Lost Valley trail at Buffalo National River

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A group of people standing in front of the Badin-Roque House

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The Badin-Roque House

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A statue depicting daily life of the formerly enslaved people taking their first steps of freedom

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The St. Louis Gateway Arch


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Last updated: April 5, 2023