Kānaka a me ka ʻāina (People and the Land)

A visit to the national parks of the Hawaiian Islands is life-changing, bringing together the spirit of poʻe (people), the power and preciousness of wai (water), and the sacredness and majesty of ʻāina (the land). Within each of the islands, landscapes can vary from tropical oasis to graceful grasslands and arid, volcanic deserts. Go beyond the beaches to learn and support the vibrant and living culture and contributions of kānaka maoli (native Hawaiians) and confront a history that continues to shape the Hawaiian islands today.

Learn about the national parks of Hawai'i and of the work of the National Park Service across this island state.

Black and white cobblestone beach with green trees on right and ocean on left
Hawai'i Parks: Plan A Visit

You never forget your first trip to Hawai'i. Learn more about the national parks of Hawai'i and plan your visit today!

Hula dancers surrounded by palm trees
Learn About Hawai'i

Learn about the unique cultural heritage and natural resources of Hawai'i.

smiling African American park ranger helps little girl over desk
Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for a job in Hawai'i? Explore open job opportunities in Hawai'i National Parks! Or volunteer with us!

B&W photo of ranger and woman standing next to "Hawaii National Park' sign
National Park Service History in HI

From 'Hawaii National Park' founded in 1916 to the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps, NPS history is part of Hawai'i history.

Plants with green spikes protrude from a silver base amongst volcanic landscape
Native Plants

Learn about the rare and native plant species found in Hawai'i. Many are found no where else in the world.

Last updated: November 25, 2022