Stories, People & Places

Alaska is vast in more ways than size alone. As the site of what might be the first human migration into North America, Alaska's people and places have a long history. From homesteaders and scientists to the Klondike Gold Rush and the pivotal role of the Aleutian Islands in World War II, discover the history, faces, and incredible places of this great state.
A women cleans fish on wooden planks with a man watching in the background

Alaska Native Culture

Alaskan indigenous communities have rich cultural traditions, histories, and customs that are still in place today.

a dog sled team mushes across a snowy landscape

Outdoor Adventure

Alaska's national parklands are an ultimate destination for outdoor adventure.

Woman uses small spruce to brace easel during an outdoor painting workshop in denali

Arts & Culture

Explore the places that inspire works of art and cultural celebration.

an owl perches on a tree branch

Plants, Animals & More

Alaska's flora and fauna fascinate scientists, visitors, and wildlife lovers alike.

evening glow on a mountain outside the valley of ten thousand smokes, katmai national park

Forces of Nature

Glaciers, volcanoes, wildfires, and more: Discover the exceptional & powerful natural places of Alaska.

a colorful mountain ridge shot from above

Great Alaskan Places

Our national parklands and historic sites tell the story of remarkable forces of nature and the human influences.

black and white historic image from klondike gold rush national historical park

Economy, Discovery, and Innovation

From dinosaur tracks to valuable resources and cultural artifacts, the national parklands of Alaska preserve fascinating histories.

black and white historical photo of a women standing near a bus

Alaskan People & Government

Discover stories of the people, social movements, institutions and communities that have shaped Alaskan life.

two small buildings with steam emerging from them in the tundra at sunset in Bering Land Bridge

Shaped by the Land

Making a home in the far North is no easy feat. Learn about how Alaskans have survived and thrived in harsh, unforgiving conditions.

black and white image of a crew in flight gear playing a game underneath a plane

Conflict & War

Alaska's national parklands and historic sites preserve and share the history of conflict and war in the 49th state.

Last updated: November 29, 2017