Commercial Use Authorization Stipulations

2019 Park Specific Stipulations - Sitka National Historical Park

103 Monastery Street - Sitka, AK 99835 - 907-747-0132 phone - 907-747-5938 fax

The following specific provisions (in addition to the National and Regional Conditions of the Authorization), are applicable to those commercial activities and areas authorized through a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA):

  1. The CUA Holder and his/her employees are not authorized to conduct tours, guide in or interpret features inside the Visitor Center. The CUA Holder and his/her employees will cease their commercial use activities upon entering the Visitor Center.

  2. The CUA Holder and his/her employees will cease their commercial use activities upon entering the fenced property at the Russian Bishop's House and will not enter into the building.

  3. CUA Holders are REQUIRED to attend an annual business partner meeting with the NPS either in person or via telephone. CUA Holders unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances must notify the NPS and submit a certification report, available from the park, acknowledging that they and their staff have reviewed the required park information prior to beginning operations. CUA Holders will be notified in advance of online postings, requirements, and/or meeting locations.

  4. CUA Holders and his/her employees are required to conduct their activities in a safe manner and inform visitors of potential safety hazards or concerns within the park.

  5. Bus engines shall be shut off while the vehicle is parked.

  6. Drivers will not unload passengers until the bus is parked in the designated area. No commercial/oversized vehicles may be parked in the lower parking lot.

  7. At no time will the maximum capacity of the designated parking for buses or oversized vehicles be exceeded.

  8. Commercial vehicles will not be parked in the road or in such a manner as to block or to use car parking areas. Commercial vehicle arrivals should be spaced at least 5 minutes apart.

  9. Shuttle drivers will use the designated “Shuttle Bus Only” spot to pull in and unload the passengers. The other bus parking spaces will be reserved for full-size buses.

  10. Shuttle buses will remain in the designated shuttle spot only long enough to load and unload passengers.

  11. All drivers will advise the passengers where the designated waiting area is to ensure their safety.

  12. No announcements for commercial activities will be made inside the Visitor Center or the Russian Bishop's House.

  13. The tour leader may not prohibit other park visitors from participating (free of charge) in that portion of the conducted walk which occurs on NPS property.

  14. The CUA Holder and his/her employees will provide accurate information that is based on recognized and commonly accepted sources. Park staff may accompany the commercial activity to monitor accuracy and adherence. Inaccuracies or misrepresentations will be brought to the attention of the permittee, who will ensure that the problems are corrected.

  15. No soliciting of customers or business transactions will occur on park grounds.

  16. CUA holders and his/her employees will report any violations they observe in the park to an NPS employee.

  17. CUA Holders and his/her employees are required to inform visitors that they are entering a unit of the National Park Service called Sitka National Historical Park.

Last updated: September 13, 2018