Alaska is a wild, wonderful place to visit, but it is important to know the hazards before you head out into the park. No matter your experience level, taking extra time to plan and prepare can be the difference between the adventure of a lifetime and tragedy. Remember, help may be days away.

Always leave a trip itinerary that includes your backup plans with a friend or family member who can notify the National Park Service if you are overdue. Including details like the color of your tent fly, backpack, and raincoat can be especially useful during searches.

Explore these topics to begin preparing for your Alaska visit.

bear walking through grassy field with purple flowers in foreground and snow covered mountains in ba
Wildlife Safety

Wildlife Safety in Alaska's National Parks

A park ranger with backpack standing on a high ridge overlooking a mountain valley
Appropriate Gear

Learn how to choose appropriate gear for Alaska's backcountry

Two backpackers cross a creek in the mountains
River Crossing

Learn how to safely cross creeks and rivers

view looking under a tent fly at a rainbow and rainstorm in a mountain valley
Alaska Weather

Learn about weather in Alaska, route planning, and having a flexible itinerary

front view of orange floatplane with black propellers on a mountain lake
Aviation Safety

Learn about aviation safety in Alaska's national parks

Additional Safety & Trip Planning Content

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    Last updated: April 8, 2022