Land Resources Program Center

midnight sun on Denali's mountains
Midnight sun in Denali National Park and Preserve. NPS Photo/Tim Rains

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The Land Resources Program Center (Lands) is a Washington office located in the Alaska Regional Office that is responsible for:

Land Acquisition

  • Acquiring lands and interests in lands by purchase, donation or exchange
  • Assisting the parks in formulation of land acquisition priorities and budgets
  • Assisting the parks in preparation of Land Protection Plans


  • Acquiring leases of visitor and administrative facilities for the parks under authority of 1306 of ANILCA

Right-of-Way and Access

  • Processing right-of-way applications or assisting the parks in processing applications
  • Providing assistance to parks in technical access and right-of-way matters, including ANCSA 17(b) easements and RS 2477 right-of-way

Land Status Mapping and Recordkeeping

  • Creating and maintaining accurate land status mapping and records
  • Creating and maintaining NPS unit boundary mapping and legal descriptions
  • Providing land status maps, boundary maps and other realty maps

Land Conveyance Review

  • Reviewing land conveyances by the Bureau of Land Management to assure they are appropriate and justified, and where conveyance actions are not appropriate or justified, with park input, recommending corrective actions

Other Realty Services

  • Providing other realty and technical lands services to the parks as needed and possible

Last updated: December 14, 2017