a Denali ranger gives instructions to a driver on the Denali Park road
A ranger at the Savage River Check Station reminds a driver of rules and advisories of driving the Denali Park Road. NPS Photo/Jay Elhard
Alerts include important and timely information about conditions that may affect visits to a park, group of parks, or larger area. There are four types of alerts, including:
  • Danger: Description of imminent hazard
  • Closure: Notification that the park, a major facility, or area within the park is inaccessible for some reason unrelated to an immediate safety concern
  • Caution: Description of a possibly hazardous situation
  • Information: Notification of something that may affect visitor plans
To see all alerts in effect across Alaska, visit the Active Alerts in Parks page. You can filter alerts by park or type. You can also find alerts on each park's website.

Note: These alerts only inform visitors of conditions and closures within parks. For information related to roads or locations outside of park areas, please visit one of the following sources: For information on reporting crimes or incidents, visit the Safety and Incident Reporting page.

Last updated: July 31, 2017