Little River Falls

Little River Falls is flowing again!
The Falls are flowing again!

NPS/Steve Black

On December 1, 2016, Park Superintendent Steve Black took this picture of the falls. The water is flowing again! The severe drought had caused the water to stop flowing several weeks ago. We have asked many people, but no one ever remembers the falls without water before.

We are thankful the water is back. We expect to have a lot more rain, so the water will rise and our Kayakers can ride the rapids once again on Little River.
Little River Falls
Little River Falls

Gail Bishop

Little River Falls is located off Highway 35 next to the bridge in Gaylesville, Alabama (the bridge is the boundary between Gaylesville and Fort Payne). This is the first stop to make on your scenic tour of the park entering from the north. The formation of Little River Canyon begins here with the 45-foot waterfall.

The amount of water going over the falls depends on the amount of rainfall. In the winter and early spring the water level is high. Kayakers love this time of year because they can kayak the river. During the summer and early fall, the water level is much lower. No matter the season; Little River Falls is a very beautiful place to visit.

There are picnic tables and grills located in a shaded area next to the parking lot. Approximately 100 parking spaces are available along with areas for buses, RV's, etc. Parking is available for buses, RV, etc.

Restrooms (no running water) are located in the parking lot area.

This area is closed after dark. No parking is allowed when the park is closed. Camping is not allowed in this area.

There is no charge for this area.

Last updated: December 1, 2016

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