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Welcome to the Preserve. There are many types of activities available and we hope you have a safe and enjoyable visit. Some of the most popular activities include picnicking, visiting overlooks on the scenic drive (AL Hwy 176), hiking, kayaking, rappelling/rock climbing, hunting, fishing. This is a perfect place to bring the family to enjoy a day with nature. Depending on the activity that you choose, please plan ahead by wearing comfortable shoes, appropriate gear/clothing, bring a picnic lunch or snacks, and carry drinking water. In the summer remember to use bug repellent, sunscreen and wear a hat. If hiking, kayaking or rappelling/rock climbing, it is always a good idea to let someone you know where you plan to go and when you plan to return.

While exploring the park, be careful on slippery and uneven surfaces (trails, rocks, parking lots, etc). Always use caution when around the swift water and cliffs. Respect the wildlife; do not harm or provoke them. This is their home, we are the guests.

When parking, be aware of your surroundings. Due to possible theft, we suggest that you do not bring your valuables to the park. It only takes a few minutes for a thief to open your door /break a window and get away with your valuables. Always lock your vehicle and keep valuables out of sight.

Never leave your children or pets unattended. Pets need to be on a leash at all times when outside of your vehicle. Many visitors bring their pets; leashes allow you to maintain control when pets confront each other. Pets are family; we want them to have an enjoyable visit too.

National Parks are for the enjoyment of all people for now and future generations. Help us by not littering or damaging the area. We know some people like to leave their mark and this sometimes leads to graffiti. Graffiti is illegal and is subject to hefty fines. Please report any illegal activities such as graffiti. Please do not allow your children to collect a souvenir such as rocks, plants,etc. The best souvenir is free, just ask about the Junior Ranger Program at the Little River Canyon Center located on Hwy 35 in Fort Payne, Alabama. Your child can leave with a badge and a certificate.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the rules of the national preserve. Be safe and responsible. We hope you have a wonderful time.


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Last updated: June 8, 2018

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