Horseback Riding

Horseback riders are welcome to bring their horses and ride on the numbered roads (01-11) in our Backcountry Area. The roads are shared with 4-wheel drive vehicles, bicycles and hikers. Camping is not allowed in the Preserve.

BE AWARE: Hunting is allowed in this area. Please check gun hunt dates before you plan a ride in the Backcountry Area.

As a visitor to the Preserve you are required to follow certain rules designed to ensure the health and safety of everyone and to promote a pleasant and rewarding backcountry experience. We all have a responsibility to respect the environment, therefore, leave no trace of your passing.

  • Be courteous and help preserve the roads by leaving no trace of your traveling.
  • Try to avoid wet or muddy roads. Save them for dry times.
  • Stay on numbered roads 01-11.
  • Litter spoils everything. Please help us to keep the Preserve free of litter.
  • Do no collect or disturb any plants, animals, rocks or cultural artifacts.
  • Avoid tying horses within 100 feet of any water source.

We do not require permits for horses. Camping is not allowed in the Preserve.


Hunters Check Station
From Highway 35 (You will see a sign "Hunters Check Station") turn onto County Road 103. Turn into the first parking lot on your left. Unload your horse and start riding down Road 01. Horses are allowed to go around the gate.

County Road 295 Parking Lot
From Highway 35 turn onto County Road 295. Just past the sharp turn, there will be a gravel parking lot on your RIGHT. Unload your horse and continue on Road 05.

Last updated: May 18, 2017

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