Eberhart Point

Eberhart Trail

Eberhart Point is the last improved overlook along the scenic drive. It was once known as Canyonland Park. It had a very popular chairlift that took you over the canyon.

At the top of the overlook is a restroom, picnic tables, grills and a bulletin board with useful information.

A concrete paved trail leads you to the overlook. The trail is moderate with a slight slope.

The dirt trail leads you down to the bottom of the canyon. At the bottom of the dirt trail, you will see large concrete pillars. Many years ago, these pillars were used to hold the chairlift that once operated here. You will also see remnants of the old rock concession building. Follow the trail down to the river. Begin your hike with the river on your left and the cliffs on the right. The trail starts out easy but soon becomes more rugged.

Be safe and come prepared before you hike this trail. Pack a lunch with plenty of water to drink if you plan to spend much time on the trail. Wear sturdy hiking shoes and take a first aid kit. Cell phones have little or no reception in the canyon.

Day hike as long as you like, but remember you have to come out before dark. Camping is not allowed in the canyon due to the dangers of flash flooding.

If you want an easier hike, try the Beaver Pond Trail or the Canyon Mouth Park Trail.

Kayakers float the waters about 6 months a year. Kayaking is difficult and only recommended for the experienced. These rapids are a Class III-VI.

Descending Eberhart Trail
Courtesy of Doug Felton

A dirt trail with several switchbacks leads you to the bottom of the canyon. The trail is three-quarters of a mile long. Hiking down is a moderate to hard hike. Hiking back up can be very strenuous.

Hiking Eberhart
Photo courtesy of Jacksonville State University Field School

This trail is not recommended for small children or pets. It would be hard to hold onto a child or pet as you climb over the steep boulders.

Hiking across the ledge on Eberhart Trail
Courtesy of Jacksonville State University Field School

The trail is unmarked, rugged and full of adventure. You will see rapids, climb over and under trees, over and under rocks, cross small streams and ledges.

Last updated: January 17, 2018

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