Canoeing and Kayaking the Little River

Kayaks and canoes on Little River
Kayakers and canoers on a winter float on the Little River in the Wildlife Management Area.


Little River Canyon National Preserve offers a variety of Winter and Spring river kayaking, from stretches of relatively gentle paddling (Class III rapids) in the miles of river above Little RIver Falls, to Class IV, V, and VI rapids from the falls and most of the river to Canyon Mouth Park.

Little River is an almost completely rain-fed river, with November through April being the typical portion of the year when rainfall makes the river navigable. Summer and Fall finds the river extremely shallow, even dry in severe drought years.

While the river in the Wildlife Management Area (above the falls) can be run by beginning and intermediate skilled kayakers and canoeists, the river below the falls is dangerous and for highly skilled kayakers only - U.S. Olympic kayak team members have trained on Little River!

To check the flow of Little River, click here to see the report from the U.S. Geological Survey river gauge.

* Please note that readings are taken every two hours at the bottom of the river, and readings may not accurately represent the current state of the river when you check. During sudden and intense downpours, the level of the river rises rapidly and with little warning!

Last updated: March 23, 2021

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