Over 30 species of mammals live in Little River Canyon National Preserve, and chances are most visitors will at least see some of the more common mammals, such as Eastern Gray Squirrels or White-Tailed Deer. Some visitors may even be lucky enough to spot a Bobcat or Black Bear in the woods, or River Otters swimming in the pool below Little River Falls.

Many more mammals begin to make their appearance as the sun goes down. Fox (Gray and Red), Opossum, Skunks (Spotted, Striped, and Eastern Spotted), Raccoon, and Armadillo love the night life, as do the six species of bats at Little River Canyon.

Smaller mammals, such as Shrews, Moles, Voles, Mice, and Rats, all make up the often overlooked critters in the park, as they spend much of their lives underground or hidden under the leaves on the forest floor.

Just as the number and distribution of mammals varies somewhat from year to year, the number of species present in the park can change over time. Armadillo are relative new-comers to the area, as are Black Bears, which have been making a strong return to northeastern Alabama.

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Last updated: March 1, 2021

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