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Little River Canyon National Preserve Volunteers

Opportunities at Little River Canyon National Preserve

We have a need for Front Desk Attendant at the Little River Canyon Center. Daily shifts are 10-1 or 1-4. One shift per week is acceptable. Skills needed are: ability to communicate well with the public, ability to give directions and knowledge of or willingness to learn a telephone system. Contact Sandra Arther, Program Manager at 256-845-9605 or Email.

You can learn new skills, teach others and stay active and involved. Little River Canyon National Preserve Volunteers help preserve and maintain the diverse natural, cultural and recreational resources of the park for visitors as well as for future generations. Volunteers play a vital role in almost all aspects of park operations:

  • Interpretation in the park.
  • Resource Management - Removing non-native plants.
  • Working to maintain hiking and horseback riding trails.
  • Helping Maintenance keep the park clean and free of litter.
  • Water Quality Testing.
  • Information Receptionist at the front desk.

Volunteering with the National Park Service can be a rewarding experience. If the park has a need and you have the skill, consider volunteering. Volunteer opportunities at Little River Canyon National Preserve are as diverse as the natural and cultural resources of the park. Each volunteer's contribution makes a big difference!


A VIP application is required for all volunteer positions.

Sandra Arther, Volunteer Manager
Little River Canyon National Preserve
4322 Little River Trail NE, Suite 100, Fort Payne, AL 35967
(256) 845-9605

Email me if you have questions.

Join the Park Volunteer Team
Be a part of one of a great team and make a difference! The National Park Service is an equal opportunity employer.


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Volunteers make a difference!

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Last updated: April 6, 2018

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4322 Little River Trail NE
Suite 100

Fort Payne, AL 35967


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