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Junior Ranger Badge and Patches which can be earned at Little River Canyon
Earn your Little River Canyon Junior Ranger badge by completing the Junior Ranger book - earn your Little River Canyon Junior Ranger and Junior Ranger Night Explorer patches by attending Junior Ranger and Astronomy programs!

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One of the favorite activities for visitors to Little River Canyon National Preserve is to become a Junior Ranger!

The Junior Ranger program is an activity-based program, focusing on young visitors ages 5-13 (although children of all ages can complete the Junior Ranger book). The program invites youth to join the National Park Service family by giving childen the opportunity to explore and learn about their parks, and learn how they can help protect them today and into the future.

Junior Ranger is an honor earned through completing a Junior Ranger book or attending a Junior Ranger program. Those who complete the book are awarded the coveted Little River Canyon National Preserve Junior Ranger badge, while those who attend a Junior Ranger program are awarded the Junior Ranger patch. Additionally, young visitors may attend an astronomy program and earn a Junior Ranger Night Explorer patch.

Sometimes, families want to prepare their future Junior Rangers for a trip to a park by having them complete a Junior Ranger book prior to their visit. There are other times when people can't visit all the parks they'd like to, but still want to learn about them. For those people, the Junior Ranger books are available here - print them out, complete the booklet (feel free to adapt certain activities to areas around your own hometown, exhibiting , and mail (or take a picture of the completed pages and email) them back to us here at Little River Canyon.

You can find the Junior Ranger books at the Little River Canyon Center and at the bottom of this page.

Junior Ranger Pledge

"I (insert name here) am proud to be a National Park Service Junior Ranger.

I promise to appreciate, respect, and protect all national park areas.

I also promise to continue learning about the landscape, plants, animals, and history of these special places.

I will share what I learn with my friends and family."

New JR Book Cover (250 pix)
Little River Canyon National Preserve Junior Ranger Book (English)


Visitors who complete the Junior Ranger book will earn the coveted Little River Canyon Junior Ranger badge!

Click here to download the Little River Canyon National Preserve Junior Ranger book in English (1.9 mb PDF)

Little River Canyon Junior Ranger book (Spanish)
Reserva Nacional Little River Canyon Junior Ranger Guía de Aventuras (Espanol)

NPS / Kari Sandage & Kevin Garcia

¡Visitantes que completan la Guía de Aventuras de Junior Ranger recibirán la medalla especial de Junior Ranger de Little River Canyon!

Haz clic aquí para bajar la Guía de Aventuras de Junior Ranger. (1.54 mb PDF)

¡Una de las actividades favoritas para los visitantes a la Reserva Nacional Little River Canyon es convertirse en un Junior Ranger!

El programa de Junior Ranger es basado en actividades enfocando en los visitantes de años 5-13 (aunque niños de todas edades pueden completar el libro de Junior Ranger). El programa invita a juveniles a participar en el Servicio de Parques Nacionales dando la oportunidad a niños a explorar y aprender sobre los parques, y aprender cómo ellos pueden proteger los parques hoy y en el futuro.

Al convertirse en un Junior Ranger es un honor obtenido al completar el libro de Junior Ranger o asistir un programa. Los que cumplan el libro recibirán la medalla especial de Junior Ranger de Little River Canyon, mientras los que asistan a un programa serán premiados con un parche de Junior Ranger. Adicionalmente, los visitantes juveniles pueden asistir un programa de astronomía y ganar un parche de astronomía.

A veces, las familias quieren preparar sus futuros Junior Rangers para un viaje al parque haciéndolos completar un libro de Junior Rangers antes del viaje. Si no se puede visitar el parque, haz clic aquí para bajar el libro electrónico de Junior Rangers-imprimir, completar, y enviar el libro por correo o tome una foto de las paginas completadas y mandarlas por email. Se puede adaptar las actividades si es nesesario.

La promesa de Junior Rangers

“Yo (tu nombre) estoy orgulloso/a ser un Junior Ranger del Servicio Nacional de Parques.

Prometo a apreciar, respetar, y proteger todas las áreas de parques nacionales.

También prometo a seguir aprendiendo sobre el paisaje, las plantas, los animales, y la historia de estos lugares especiales.

Voy a compartir lo que aprendo con mis amigos y familia.”

Last updated: June 14, 2021

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