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The Canyon

With its rugged towering rock bluffs and the roaring river below, the Little River Canyon offers a place of solitude, beauty, and awe, showcasing the power of water and its ability to dramatically change the landscape forever.


The preserve is a place where visitors seek the invigoration of whitewater boating, the challenge of sheer wall climbing, and the solitude of hiking into the depths of the canyon;visitors seek a type of recreation and discover rejuvenation that only nature can provide.

Little River

Little River is a source of life and renewal, providing habitat for a high diversity of benthic invertebrates, and good water quality for flora and fauna thriving in the corridor.

Plant and Animal Communities

The preserve provides niche habitats for ecological communities such as Appalachian bogs and Cumberland sandstone glades, and is a home for rare plants and animals to survive.

Cultural Resources

Visitors are inspired by stories of survival and great adversity as they discover and explore the artifacts and history of native peoples and early settlers who have lived on the lands, used the water from Little River, and enjoyed the beauty of the canyon.


The wildness of the backcountry area allows visitors to interact with the landscape and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural scenery, forests, and habitats of northeastern Alabama.

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Last updated: July 12, 2017

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