John Ingraham, NPS Volunteer
John Ingraham, NPS Volunteer, helping a visitor our at the front desk in the Little River Canyon Center.

Making a Difference - National Park Service Volunteers

Volunteers for the National Park Service have the ability to improve the experiences of all those who visit here! Volunteers serve as the front line to the public; greeting visitors eagerly and providing them with any knowledge they may need to have a fun, safe, informative time exploring the Canyon and trails. Friendly smiles and demeanor can go a long way to make a person’s trip to see this park that much better. Volunteering here at Little River Canyon can mean spreading information in the Canyon Center in the air conditioning, beginning the film for visitors, and being most people’s first interaction in the park with an official NPS representative. Or it could mean being out roving the trails and chatting with visitors while out in the great outdoors. Our volunteer program can work for you and your interests, indoors or out!

Volunteering not only can make a difference in visitors’ lives, but also your own. This opportunity allows you to meet people and grow within the community here in Fort Payne and the surrounding areas. It also introduces lots of new people, foreign and traveling, in order to gain a broader awareness of different cultures! In addition to that, volunteering can widen your skillset and give experience working with the public and in a National Park.

For more information on volunteering in our park, contact us! From retirees, people with free-time, people who want to earn experience, college students, and more, we are looking for volunteers with many different skills and approaches to our work environment. We would love to have you!

Shirley Cox, NPS Volunteer
Shirley Cox, NPS volunteer, picking up litter out in the Preserve.

You can learn new skills, teach others and stay active and involved. Little River Canyon National Preserve Volunteers help preserve and maintain the diverse natural, cultural and recreational resources of the park for current visitors and future generations alike. You can make a difference by donating just a few hours a month.

John Ingraham (shown in photo above) had been a National Park Volunteer since 2010. He worked at the Little River Canyon Center front desk and at Little River Falls. John has met and talked with thousands of visitors; John's knowledge of the park and visitor needs have helped park management many times.

Shirley Cox (shown in photo) had been a National Park Volunteer since 2009. She had helped with the recycling program, greeted visitors, and picked up tons of litter throughout the years. Her favorite pastime is hiking the trails of the canyon.

Volunteers play a vital role in almost all aspects of park operations: ·

  • Helping Maintenance keep the park clean and free of litter.
  • Interpretation in the park. Helping Visitors.
  • Resource Management - Removing non-native plants.
  • Working to maintain hiking and horseback riding trails.
  • Information Receptionist at the front desk.

Volunteering with the National Park Service can be a rewarding experience. If the park has a need and you have the skill, consider volunteering. Volunteer opportunities at Little River Canyon National Preserve are as diverse as the natural and cultural resources of the park. Each volunteer's contribution makes a big difference!

NPS Volunteer Logo
National Park Service Volunteer Logo

We have an outstanding Volunteer Team at Little River Canyon National Preserve. We are proud of all of our volunteers and the job that they do. You can join our Volunteer Team and make a difference too! The National Park Service is an equal opportunity employer.

Click here to email our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more about volunteer oppotunities at Little River Canyon National Preserve or CALL: 1-256-845-9605

Last updated: January 3, 2023

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