Scavenger Hunt 3rd - 5th Grades

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

Scavenger Hunt 3rd-5th Grades

1.What country is the Klondike River located in? __________________

2.What country is the Yukon River located in? ____________________

3. Use the timeline to find the dates the following events happened.

a. Washington becomes a state ___________________________

b. Alaska is bought from Russia ___________________________

c. Great Seattle Fire ____________________________________

d. Gold is discovered in Klondike __________________________

e. The Steamship Portland arrived in Seattle with gold from the Klondike, starts rush. ___________________________________

4. How many days would it take to get from New York to Seattle by train?____________________________________________________

5. List items that stampeders would take along on the trip. 1 items of food 1 item that is a tool 1 item of clothing _______________________

6. You are headed to the Klondike gold fields from Seattle by the Land and Water Route also known as the Poor Man’s Route. What two Alaskan ocean ports would Stampeders use for this route? _______________________ _______________________

7. Because of weather conditions, overworked and underfed animals, the White Pass Trail would be known by another name, what was it? ________________________

8. Completing either the Chilkoot Trail or White Pass Trail Stampeders would have to build what _______to continue on what _____________ for the last 500 miles of their journey to the Klondike region.

9. If a gold pan was used to prospect or locate gold, what were two devices you could use to separate gold from large amounts of gravel? _______________________ _______________________

10. Stampeders needed Vitamin C to prevent what? ___________

11. Find the Miner’s cradle. Why does it have a screen inside it? __________________________________________

12. How many people worked a gold claim in the Klondike?_________

13. How many people made $15,000 or more in gold? _____________

14. How many people STARTED for the Klondike? ________________

15. How many people MADE it to the Klondike? __________________

16. Of those people who started, how many Did Not make it to the Klondike? _______________________

17. Spin the Big Wheel. How successful were you at finding gold? _______________________

18. How many dollars would you have if you had the same amount of gold as you weigh? $_______________________

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