'Ai'opio Fishtrap Wall

'Ai'opio Fishtrap
'Ai'opio Fishtrap.

NPS photo by the Submerged Resources Center.

GPS map of the 'Ai'opio Fishtrap wall.
GPS map of the 'Ai'opio Fishtrap Wall.

Map by NPS Submerged Resources Center

The 'Ai'opio Fishtrap is a 1.7-acre pond, consisting of a stone and coral wall forming an artificial enclosure along a naturally curving shoreline. The fishtrap had a variety of uses well into recent history, and it remains as a material signature of native Hawaiians' interactions with the sea. Over time, the wall has slowly collapsed. The NPS Submerged Resources Center comprehensively mapped the seawall as an initial measure in restoring the fishtrap wall.

Click here to view the complete technical report describing the current condition of the fishtrap.

Underwater photo of gps surveyed wall section.
Underwater photo of gps surveyed wall section.

NPS photo by Submerged Resources Center.

NPS Submerged Cultural Center divers gps surveyed and photographed every part of the 'Ai'opio Fishtrap wall. This is just one of the many dozens of photopoints used to construct the wall map in the diagram above.

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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