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November 04, 2013 Posted by: David R. Daly
A Billy Whiskers storybook and the author, Frances Trego Montgomery.

Prominently displayed in the nursery is the book pictured above, Billy Whiskers' Kids.  This book was one of a series of stories featuring a goat named Billy Whiskers, who was of a mischievous and slightly irascible nature.  Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy is recorded as having said that the Billy Whiskers stories were greatly enjoyed by her young sons.  Inside this volume she wrote "One of Jack's favorite books.  Grandma Fitzgerald used to bring one of the series when she came to see him."  Apparently Mrs. Kennedy was not so fond of the books herself, referring to the illustrations as "crude" and "harsh", but they remained in the Kennedy house because she knew "the boys adored the stories and delighted in the whole series, pictures and all".  This particular book was published in 1903, but was probably obtained in the late 1960s, during Mrs. Kennedy's effort to refurnish the Beals St. house as a museum and memorial to her son Jack.

The Billy Whiskers stories were written by Frances Trego Montgomery (pictured above).  Mrs. Montgomery wrote many children's books, including The Wonderful Electric Elephant, one of the earliest children's stories to be classified as science fiction.  In a 1902 interview with The Bookseller magazine, she described her method of coming up with stories as "to invite a group of children to my house for an hour in the evening, that between dinner and their bed-time, to whom I have 'spun yarns' that have not infrequently been continued from sitting to sitting for weeks together."  She authored about twenty-five different Billy Whiskers books, and died at sea in 1925 aboard the S.S. Franconia near Hong Kong while on an around-the-world cruise.


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