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Songs of the Mississippi River CD

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"Songs of the Mississippi River" serves up the river's power and musical inspiration throughout history - with an intriguing mix of song and stories about flood and drought, canoe and raft, Native Americans, geology and geography, a little romance, plus the reflections of a legendary riverboat pilot and calliope player. The highs and lows of river life come alive through accordion and harmonica, guitars and violin, stompin' and clappin.' masterful jazz and ragtime piano, nimble percussion, and vocals serene and strong - just like the river.

- Giselle Bonfaire

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Track listing:
1. Can You Canoe? - Gina Forsyth
2. First Nations - Ali Leferve
3. Haul Away Joe - Beth Patterson
4. Great Mississippi - Ali Leferve
5. Roll On River - Beth Patterson
6. Muddy Waters - Jen Maurer
7. Mississippi River Work Song Medley - Bruce Barnes
8. Ode to Willie Barnes, Sr. - Bruce Barnes (Click to listen)
9. Muddy Water - Meghan Swartz
10. What'll I Do if the Mississippi Runs Dry? - Meghan Swartz
11. Old Man River - Stephen Dale & Jim Hession
12. Consolidated Aggregation of Rivers - Jen Maurer
13. You Can't Read My Mind - Bruce Barnes
14. Mississippi Mud - Jen Maurer & Paul Kovac
15. Waiting on the Robert E. Lee - Richard Scott
16. Captain Doc Hawley Interview (Click to listen)

Click here for lesson plans concerning life along the Mississippi River using Songs of the Mississippi River, produced by the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park

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