Oral History Project

In 1998, New Orleans Jazz NHP and the New Orleans Jazz Commission embarked upon a series of videotaped oral histories of local New Orleans legends, in an effort to continue an effort begun in 1958 at the Hogan Jazz Archives at Tulane University. Both projects were created to collect and preserve the memories and oral traditions of New Orleans musicians. To date, over 100 musicians have been interviewed and videotaped by the park and the Commission. This collection of videotaped interviews is available at the park and the archives.

Interviewees include:
Placide Adams
Alvin Alcorn
Dick Allen
Helen Arlt
Chuck Badie
Lionel Batiste
Milton Batiste
Lawrence Batiste
Harold Batiste, Jr.
Alexander Bauduc
Otis Bazoon
IV,Warren Bell,Sr.
Mrs. Barney Bigard
Claire Black
John Boudreaux
McNeal Breaux
Al Broussard
Al Carson
Sal Castigliola
Ed Chambon
Sam Charters
Dooky Chase
Chris Clifton
Olivia Charlot-Cook
Lawrence Cotton
Richard L.Crosby
Tony Dalmado
Philip Darois
Gregory Davis
Leo Dejan
Harold Dejan
Charlie DeVore
Marquerite Laine Draghetti
Wendell Eugene
Bob French
Daniel Farrow
Al Galodoro
John Gallagher
Albert Gardner
Charlie Gaspard
Doris Gerbrecht
Regina Gordon
Joseph Grisaffi
Herbert Hardesty
Fred Hatfield
Paul Herman
Bill Huntington
Bob Ice
Smokey Johnson
Benny Jones, Sr.
Connie Jones
Doreen Ketchens
Lawrence Ketchens
Tuba Fats Lacen
Ed Kronlege
Frog Joseph
Narvin Kimball
Eddie King
Craig Klein
Reginald Koeller
Phamous Lambert
Moon Landrieu
Floyd Levin
Walter Lewis
George Luft
Vincent Mancuso
Joseph Manone,Jr.
Don Marquis
Cosimo Matassa
Edward Maxwell
Willie Metcalf,Jr.
Norman Meyer
Bob Mielke
Norma Dugas Minyard
Frank Mitchell
Sam Mooney
Deacon John Moore
Adolphus Morris
Eugene Nunez
Babette Ory
Earl Palmer
Richard Payne
Walter Payton
Herbert Permillion
Don Perry
Inez Phillips
Joe Quaglino
Wardell Querzergue
Lamar Ramos
Frank Rosato
Dalton Rousseau
Henry Schmidt
Hartley Schrenk
Fredrick Sheppard
Dodie Smith Simmons
Edgar Smith
Allen Suter
Clarence Thornton
Rose Tio
Joe Torregano
Frank Vicari
William Wagner
Lloyd Washington
Ernest Watson, Jr.
Mrs.Peter Weaver
Michael White
Clive Wilson

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