Painting of Captain John Smith after a Simon van de Passe engraving

Unknown artist

History is more than a date, a place or an event. History is the story of people: their struggles, their successes and their failures. The story of a date, place or event is profoundly influenced by its people. By understanding this, we realize that we, ordinary everyday folk, are making history each day of our lives. By studying the people of the past, we can learn who and what we are and perhaps where we are heading.

Painting of Pocahontas by Mary Ellen Howe (1994), based on Simon van de Passe's engraving of 1617.
Oil Painting of Pocahontas after the Simon van de Passe's engraving of 1617

Unknown Artist

Check out our Fact Sheets on personalities of Jamestown. As you read these short biographies of the men and women who helped found and shape Jamestown put yourself in their place. Would you have made the same decision? How would you have done it differently? It is not out of the realm of possibility that you may be the next great explorer helping to establish the first colony on the moon or the planet Mars. Remember, YOU ARE THE HISTORY MAKER OF TODAY.

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