Indiana Dunes National Park's weather is greatly affected by Lake Michigan and can change quickly. Summers are warm and humid with high temperatures generally in the mid-80ºF's (30ºC) and low temperatures in the mid-60ºF's (18ºC). There are about 15 days per year above 90ºF (32ºC). Warm periods are occasionally interrupted by frontal action descending from Canada. This generally brings days of pleasant, dry weather. Sunshine is abundant in summer.

Highs in winter are usually in the low to mid 30sºF (0
ºC) with low temperatures in the low 20sºF (-5ºC). There are about 15 days per year below 0ºF (-18ºC). Winters tend to be cloudy except for periods of extreme cold when skies are clear.

Current Weather Conditions

For a current weather forecast, choose an Internet weather provider and use the following zip codes for the appropriate section of the park. Links to the National Weather Service are provided.

  • Michigan City 46360 - Mount Baldy trails, Central Avenue Beach, Heron Rookery trails, Pinhook Bog trails.
  • Beverly Shores 46301 - Dunewood Campground, Lake View Beach, Kemil Beach, Dunbar Beach, Glenwood Dunes trails , Dune Ridge trails, Great Marsh trails.
  • Chesterton 46304 - Visitor Center, Chellberg Farm, Bailly Homestead, Porter Beach, Cowles Bog trails.
  • Portage 46368 - West Beach trails, Tolleston Dunes trails, Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk.
  • Gary 46403 - Paul H. Douglas Center, Paul H. Douglas trails (Miller Woods), Tolleston Dunes trails.
  • Hobart 46342 - Hobart Prairie Grove trails.
Rip Tides Poster

Rip Currents:

Be on the lookout this summer for rip currents on Lake Michigan.

Before your next visit to the beach, learn how to spot a rip current and what to do if you get caught in one. Always check the local beach forecast for any warnings, and exercise caution.


♦ Don't fight the current
♦ Swim out of the current, then to shore
♦ If you can't escape, float or tread water
♦ If you need help, call or wave for assistance


♦ Know how to swim
♦ Never swim alone
♦ If in doubt, don't go out
More information about rip currents can be found at the following websites: and

Last updated: September 1, 2020

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