Dunescape, A Collection of Poems Written at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore page 2

A Collection of 14 Poems written by Sharon Hammer Baker during her June 2007 Artist-in-Residence at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.
Central Beach at Sunset

the sun slowly moves
toward the shining horizon
throwing changing colors
across the wide water

waves curl and crash
dragging pebbles off
the smooth wet sand
rinsing the beach clean

a cool breeze from the east
pushes the swells higher as
bands of shimmery gold
edged each wave and

follow the frothy foam
back into the surging lake
air full of the mysterious
scent of deep water

At the Heron Rookery

along the sandy trail
still damp from recent rains

no sign of herons

damsel flies ripple
in the cool and tender air
their slow flutter
the only movement
beside the sluggish river

but no sign of herons

calls of song birds
and pheasants waft
through the dense shade
while hawks circle above

but still no sign of herons

Climbing Mt. Baldy Dune

up a steep and tricky trail
over exposed roots and washouts
through tall oaks and cottonwoods

near the top the soft sand drags at your feet
thighs burn with the exertion of going
straight up, like climbing a sand ladder

and just when you think you can’t
you’ve made it to the top


Solstice Impressions


Marram grass
shiny in the slanting sun
of this longest day
weaves and circles
on the lake breeze
pulling butterfly weed
and black-eyed susans
with it in its solstice dance


a lone shore bird
dark against the gleaming water
flies hard into the wind
above rough and choppy waves
as the sun lingers
delaying its descent


oaks and cottonwoods
bob and twirl
beside the surging lake
their leaves glistening
in extra light
of this longest day


as waves pound the empty beach
a thick bank of clouds
gather on the western horizon
cheating the solstice sun
of a spectacular exit


from the safety of port
a freighter heads north into
the fierce wind and churning lake
its lights glow tiny on the horizon
as darkness finally descends


Diving for Dinner

circling twice
high above
the lake
a gull folds
wings back
and plunges
into the hard
and liquid larder
then takes
low angled flight
over riled water

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