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Mary Colter's Building - Lookout Studio

Located in Grand Canyon National Park's Historic District on the South Rim. Lookout Studio was yet another building designed by Mary Colter at the Grand Canyon. It was completed in 1914, the same year Hermit’s Rest was completed eight miles west of the Village. In keeping with her style of architecture, Lookout Studio was carefully designed with native stone and an irregular roof line to blend into the rim of the Grand Canyon. On the porch of Lookout Studio was a high power telescope, now on display in the History Room of the Bright Angel Lodge. At Lookout Studio, visitors could view the features of the Grand Canyon and watch mule riders descending into the Canyon. Like Hopi House, it was designed to imitate the stone dwellings of the Pueblo Indians of the southwest. The chimney was made of irregular stones, which allowed soil and debris to collect between the cracks. Plants found a niche for growing, which further blended the building into its surroundings. A lounge was inside the studio with a fireplace and an art room where postcards and artwork were for sale. NPS Photo by Michael Quinn.