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Yavapai Geology Museum

How old is the canyon? How did it form? The exhibits at Yavapai Geology Museum answer these and other geology questions. Displays include three-dimensional models, powerful photographs, and exhibits which allow park visitors to see and understand the complicated geologic story of the area. The historic building, located one mile (1.6 km) east of Market Plaza, features expansive canyon views. The bookstore offers a variety of materials about the area. Several ranger programs begin here. Open daily 8 am–7 pm The original structure, which was first dedicated in July 1928, was designed by architect Herbert C. Maier. The building was erected on a site selected by a team of geologists for the express purpose of observing and understanding Grand Canyon geology. Maier designed the Yavapai Point Trailside Museum to blend into its setting, and used indigenous Kaibab limestone and ponderosa pine in its construction. Learn more about the museum here: