About Us

The Rocky Mountain Network is one of 32 Inventory and Monitoring Networks across the country. The National Park Service established them to facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and economies of scale in natural resource monitoring. We measure key indicators of long-term ecological integrity, or “vital signs.” Results inform park managers about the health of park resources and can also provide early detection of potential problems.

The Rocky Mountain Network is comprised of a Board of Directors (park superintendents), Technical Committee (park resource management staff), and network staff. Our network staff includes the program manager, ecologists and technicians, the data manager and assistant data manager and science communication specialist.

This team of managers and network scientists, data managers and technicians ensures accountability and efficiency of the network program. We work collaboratively with partners in other agencies and at universities to bring in additional technical expertise for ecological monitoring in our parks.

The Inventory and Monitoring Division of the National Park Service's Washington Office provides guidance and oversight for inventory and monitoring programs across the national park system.

Last updated: March 26, 2018