About the Northeast Temperate Network

The Northeast Temperate Network (NETN) is one of 32 nationwide National Park Service inventory and monitoring networks. The purpose of the networks is to monitor the condition of a variety of vital park ecosystems.

NETN is responsible to a Board of Directors and Technical Committee composed of park superintendents and staff who participate on a rotational basis. Program guidance and oversight is provided by the National Park Service's Inventory and Monitoring Division. The network leverages staff and resources by engaging in a number of partnerships.

NETN's headquarters is located on the premises of Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park in the quiet hamlet of Woodstock, Vermont.

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NETN HQ weather

The weather in Vermont is dramatic and varied depending on location, terrain, distance from a body of water like Lake Champlain, and elevation and can change from year to year. In the Woodstock area, summer daily high temperatures range between 60 to 80 degrees, with some days reaching into the 90s. Winter is Vermont's longest season and temps in winter vary more than those in summer. Common to experience freezing temperatures from Nov to March, many sub-zero days, seasonal snowfall averages 80 inches.

Last updated: June 4, 2018