Landscapes of Our History

The ten parks of the Mid-Atlantic Inventory & Monitoring Network range from southern Pennsylvania to southern Virginia, and from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west, across the Piedmont, and east to the Coastal Plain. This area is rich in both American history and natural resources. While most of these parks were initially established for their historical and cultural significance, they also harbor an array of species, habitats, and ecosystems.

Cities and towns continue to grow in the mid-Atlantic states, and our challenge is to understand ecological changes happening both within and outside of park boundaries. Long-term monitoring of key natural resources, called "vital signs," helps us understand the health of parks' natural systems and detect changes. Parks use this information to make good management decisions—decisions that will help preserve and maintain these special places now and into the future.

This network is one of 32 Inventory & Monitoring Networks across the country. All are working to provide park managers, researchers, and the public with reliable scientific information about key park resources. Learn more about Inventory & Monitoring in our parks by exploring these pages.

Trail over a wooden bridge and through the forest at Gettysburg National Millitary Park in the fall
Our Parks

We monitor key natural resources at ten National Parks in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Field crew records data from a frame set on the forest floor
Our Science

Learn about the monitoring we do, the protocols and procedures we follow, and some of the discoveries we're making.

Last updated: August 27, 2018