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The Mid-Atlantic I&M Network is based in Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia. An additional office is located at Shenandoah National Park. The network's staff includes a program manager, aquatic ecologist, ecologist/data manager, and biologist/science writer. We work collaboratively with all parks in our network, and rely on park staff and their on-the-ground knowledge and understanding of the places where they work.

The organization of the network also includes a Board of Directors, composed of network park superintendents, and a Technical Advisory Committee, which includes park resource managers and specialists. Overall program guidance and oversight is provided by the Inventory and Monitoring Division of the National Park Service's national-level office based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Mid-Atlantic Network Staff Contacts

Mid-Atlantic Network Office

Mid-Atlantic I&M Network
Fredricksburg & Spotsylvania NMP
120 Chatham Lane
Fredricksburg, VA 22405

Jim Comiskey, Program Manager/Ecologist, 540-693-3124
Nathan Dammeyer, Aquatic Ecologist, 202-380-8370
Mark Johnson, Ecologist/Data Manager, 540-693-3137
Jeb Wofford, Biologist/Science Writer, 571-279-5824

Shenandoah National Park

3655 US Highway 211 East
Luray, VA 22835

Wendy Cass, Botanist, 540-999-3500 x 3432
Jalyn Cummings, Air & Water Resources Program Manager, 540-999-3500 x 3497
David Demarest, Wildlife & Fisheries Biological Science Tech, 540-999-3500 x 3439
Elizabeth Garcia, Air & Water Quality Monitoring Tech, 540-999-3500 x 3499
Rolf Gubler, Biologist and Forest Pest Manager, 540-999-3500 x 3291
Jake Hughes, Exotic Plant Management Biological Science Tech, 540-999-3500 x 3492
Stephen Paull, Vegetation Monitoring Biological Science Tech, 530-999-3500 x 3419
Dale Meyerhoeffer, Forest Health Biological Science Tech, 540-999-3500 x 3490
Jim Schaberl, Division Chief of Natural and Cultural Resources, 540-999-3500 x 3491
Alan Williams, Data Manager/Ecologist, 540-999-3500 x 3431

Last updated: August 27, 2018