Welcome to the Cumberland Piedmont Network

The Cumberland Piedmont Inventory and Monitoring Program is one of thirty two National Park Service I&M Networks across the country established to facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and economies of scale in natural resource monitoring. It is comprised of 14 national park units with diverse cultural and natural resources distributed across eight states (AL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA) and six different physiographic regions.

The objectives for Cumberland Piedmont Network are centered around monitoring aquatic, cave, and terrestrial ecosystems at these parks. The network works closely with each park's natural resource program to develop and implement long-term monitoring and provide sound scientific information to park managers.

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Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.

Acquiring baseline information for natural resources within our parks.

Hickman Creek in Fort Donelson National Battlefield. Photo by Brenda Wells.

Tracking vital signs that represent the overall health or condition of a park.

Network ecologist Bill Moore conducts bat monitoring.
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Last updated: June 29, 2018