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The Peer Review Process

The certification program manager will send your product to two peers who are trained certifiers. Each will independently review the product using the Assessment Rubric developed specifically for this competency. The entire product will be evaluated to determine whether it demonstrates the standards or approaches the standards. Feedback will be provided to help those approaching the certification standards, to improve their contacts. Those demonstrating certification requirements will receive a letter from the training manager stating they have achieved their certification. Questions about the process can be answered by any of your regional curriculum coordinators or the training manager.

* Certification in this competency serves the overall development of employees in Ranger Careers positions, and meets the NPS national standard for informal visitor contacts. Certification in this competency is a point-in-time assessment only. Long-term performance is measured at the park level. Eligibility for promotion is determined by the supervisor and park.

Also visit The Program to learn more about the peer review process.

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